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The notion of « meaning » at work through a survey conducted in a call centre Wall Street from Oliver Stone (1987): a fable about contemporary world Which ethics for moral critics? « Does the end justify the means? » The question of power in large companies and in entrepreneurial projects : a comparative analysis inspired by Foucault Alternative entrepreneurship, a tautology? Being an entrepreneur against « the era of emptyness » : a vision of alternative entrepreneurship Art, entreprenariat: the creation's path The technological society - by Jacques Ellul

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Innovating in spite of ourselves? Education and collective intelligence production Community currency for local economy : a grassroots innovation for prosperity through democracy? The community of the free : Hackers, pirates and trolls Knowledge transmitters and their vision of a Knowledge society Culture and knowledge: converging “sciences”, trends and issues Is Official Development Aid Designed to Fullfill the Poors' Needs? From theory to reality: how liberalism tends to materialize its assumption of universal egoism of man Ecological Footprint and sustainable Diet Waste management in France, current state and challenges Reconciling deconsumption with the market economy : different approaches Eco villages: from utopia to real practice, in Europe and France Meaning in work: in what sense does a professional reorientation restore meaning to work? Limits and stakes of local democracy. The example of the 14th district of Paris What's the economic impact of the sustainable development policy implemented in Loos en Gohelle? The development: a radical criticism of one's view of the world Center for the promotion of ecological cohousing Auroville Sustainability Initiatives of Emory University The French AMAPs: a partnership between consumers and producers Reconnect - Fight against exclusion Bimini Place: Los Angeles Eco-Village The Free Software Foundation. Habitat et Humanisme SELCO, solar energy to fight poverty The Jai Bhim Network in Hungary Altai Consulting Is car-sharing the next way to drive in the city? Wikipédia : individual contribution for collective intelligence Protecting biodiversity, satisfying the needs of human communities The role of the State in micro-finance in Argentina.

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Liberalizing crowdfunding in the United States Proposal for a Regulation on European Social Entrepreneurship Funds Terre de Liens Planet’Etudiants Waste concern Specialisterne The Banco Palmas : the success of a social currency GLS Bank The Livelihoods Venture RACINES CLEFE - Organization Network and Accompaniment of Creations and Initiatives with New Solidarity Savings The investment policy of Goldman Sachs’ “Urban Investment Group” Which intermediary for Impact Investment? Daphné’s Gardens MicroWorld The Novethic Green Fund label The Tookets, a third sector currency Acumen Fund The Work Organization in the Company I Would Like to Start

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Online Generations: Time for Outrage! Mr. Juncker will make the European Union less fair

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Insertion at the Restos du Coeur : which economic models ? Carrefour-SOLAAL Foundation Implantation Kit for La Ruche The social project of a group of associations in the field of integration through economic activity (TAA Services, SOS Group) Bottle Deposit in France Encouraging the development of OuiShare local communities

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A career in local development Bio-mimesis: the Intelligence of Living Beings, by Gauthier Chapelle Another farming is possible Participative Governance and Social Responsibility CSR, patronage, philanthropy : how to reconcile private initiatives with public interest? Creating an ethic and organic fashion firm after HEC - by Rachel Liu Collective intelligence and alternative currencies - by Jean-François Noubel An Adventure at the crossroads between art and enterprise - by Raphaële Bidault-Waddington A life made of values and projects - by Luc Gruson Shareholder engagement or how to overturn the order of things The economics of functionality, a solution for combating the environmental degradation of the planet? - by Dominique Bourg All entrepreneurs in the same cooperative? The unusual adventure of Oxalis as told by Béatrice Poncin Virtual Communities: new forms of mobilization and profit generation - by Andrew Paterson ADIE and micro-credit in France - by Laure Coussirat-Coustère The French graduate education system of the “grandes écoles”: a melting pot or reserved to the elite class? - by Nicole d'Anglejan Understanding the needs for alternative management - by Roland Vaxelaire Patronage in France - by Estelle Lauvergne HEC Graduate in Solidarity Works - by Michel Tardieu Working in ethical venture capital when finishing my studies in HEC - by Jeremy Hajdenberg To make people and firms aware of the ecological urgency : a challenge for WWF - by Cédric du Monceau Developing a critic conscience for managers - by Philippe de Woot Nature et Découvertes : how to put the human dimension in the centre of the corporate model? Danone economic and social project - by Franck Riboud Lafuma, an exemple of enterprise that has integrated sustainable development at the level of its industrial processes - by Philippe Joffard The daily re-conquest of sense From a personal experience to a managerial reform - by Guibert del Marmol. Ardelaine: the adventure of a textile cooperative serving the local development of the Ardèche - by Béatrice Barras Bayard, Catholicism, Edition and Alternative Management - by Alain Augé Triodos: the sustainable bank - by Olivier Marquet The professional choice of creating a useful company - by Olivier Fleckinger "Less waste, more sharing" - NDA, Nature Donation Agency - by Stéphanie Goujon Meeting with Stéphène Jourdain: the choice of an alternative career after HEC - by Stéphène Jourdain OFI: private equity and sustainable development - by Olivier Millet Nutriset : Fighting against malnutrition - by Rémi Vallet Consumer credit : responsible but twice guilty? - by Philippe Lemoine Meeting with Anne Charpy - Respective contributions of public and private initiatives to urban areas Diapalante means « mutual help » in wolof - by Claire Dehove The career and learnings of a militant leader - by Robert Lion Getting out of the “Deadly management” - Christian Oyarbide From consulting to social commitment - Quentin Moreno When all roads lead to men - by Marion Streiff Working for human rights after HEC - by Valérie Lombard The sustainable leader's workshop - by Marc Evrard Working in CSR after HEC – Meeting with Marie-Cécile Lebard Telling the story of a Made in France brand Durabilis : from a Foundation to an Impact Investing Company Imense : Imagination and entrepreneurship to serve UpCycle: from waste to resource, from cradle to cradle innocent: “making life a little bit easier, a little bit better” - Meeting with Nicolas Marotte, General Director, innocent France

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Charity in truth Money, a handbook, by Paul Jorion The Crisis, by Michel Aglietta Economics is a moral science, by Amartya Sen Things – A story from the sixties, by Georges Perec Cannibals with forks - by John Elkington Emile, ou De l'éducation - by Jean-Jacques Rousseau The shipwrecked people, with the hobos of Paris - by Patrick Declerck Undocumented immigrants: a fatal archaism, by E. Balibar, M. Chemillier-Gendreau, J. Costa-Lacoux and E. Terray The silent takeover: global capitalism and the death of democracy The people of the abyss - by Jack London Towards Happy Moderation - by Pierre Rabhi Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa - by Dambisa Moyo The Right to Useful Unemployment Postface of Tools for Conviviality - by Ivan Illich The working condition - by Simone Weil One-dimensional man by Herbert Marcuse The Plan B : for a global ecological treaty - by Lester R. Brown “Manifesto for an enlightened doom-watch – When impossible means certain” - by Jean-Pierre Dupuy Natural capitalism: creating the next industrial Revolution Notes regarding the book “Petit traité de la décroissance sereine”, by Serge Latouche The cognitive Capitalism - by Yann Moulier-Boutang On Ethics and Economics - by Amartya Sen The Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism - by Naomi Klein The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity, and the Radical Remaking of Economics - by Eric D. Beinhocker Small is beautiful, Economics as if People Mattered - by E.F. Schumacher The mystery of capital: why capitalism triumphs in the West and fails everywhere else - by Hernando de Soto The French ghetto - by Eric Maurin The Rebel III - by Mongo Béti Orientalism – Western Conceptions of the Orient by Edward W. Saïd Groundwork of the Metaphysic(s) of Morals - by Emmanuel Kant The White Man's Burden, by William Easterly The work : value endangered - by Dominique Méda Is Capitalism moral? - by André Comte-Sponville The Good Consumer and the Bad Citizen - by Robert Rochefort The Divine Market “Free-market cultural revolution” - by Dany R. Dufour La société de consommation (Consumer society) - by Jean Baudrillard Degrowth or chaos - by Paul Ariès Hard Times - by Charles Dickens Cold Intimacies: The Making of Emotional Capitalism – by Eva Illouz « Making globalization work » - by Joseph Stiglitz Profit over people - by Noam Chomsky Du contre-pouvoir - by Miguel Benasayag, Diego Sztulwark For an ecological pact, Nicolas Hulot and the ecological watch committee The Culture of the New Capitalism - by Richard Sennett XY, On masculine identity - by Elisabeth Badinter Uneconomic growth, entropy, ecology, economy - by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen The Communist Party Manifesto - by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels The new social criticism - by the Collectif République des Idées Tools for conviviality - by Ivan Illich Manufacturing consent, the political Economy of the mass media - by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman The Religion of Capital - by Paul Lafargue La Perte des Sens - by Ivan Illich Is Capitalism self-destructive? - by Patrick Artus No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies - by Naomi Klein Bees and Humans - by Thanh Nghiem Immigration: Myths and Realities - by Claire Rodier and Emmanuel Terray The Pronétariat Revolt - by Joël de Rosnay Creating A World Without Poverty - by Muhammad Yunus Slow Food, collected thoughts on taste, tradition and the honest pleasures of food - by Carlo Petrini The White Man's Burden - by William Easterly Prosperity Without Growth - by Tim Jackson The Wisdom of Crowds - by James Surowiecki Ethics of Climate Change - by James Garvey Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism - by Fernand Braudel The Seven Day Weekend : Changing the Way Work Works - by Ricardo Semler Eco-capitalism, sustainability model against the cynical model - by Patrick d'Humières Translucent society – taking to an end the myth of a benevolent state La Maison Nucingen - by Honoré de Balzac Ecology, community and lifestyle All Men Are Brothers - by Gandhi Fear and Money in Dubaï - by Mike Davis Uncommon People – Resistance, Rebellion and Jazz - by Eric Hobsbawm The Grapes of Wrath - by John Steinbeck The Gift - by Marcel Mauss How to survive development - by Serge Latouche What’s mine is yours - How collaborative consumption is changing the way we live - by Rachel Botsman et Roo Rogers Animal Spirits - How Human Psychology Drives the Economy and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism - by Robert A Akerlof and Robert J Shiller Le Prix - by Paul Jorion Now's the time! 3 years to save The World - by Jean-Marc Jancovici et Alain Grandjean The Age of access - by Jeremy Rifkin Freefall - by Joseph E. Stiglitz Why and How we should abandon nuclear power - by Bernard Laponche and Benjamin Dessus Explaining culture: A naturalistic approach - by Dan Sperber The Cathedral and the Bazaar - by Eric S. Raymond Welcome to the Anthropocene - by Claude Lorius & Laurent Carpentier The Atlas of Migrations - by Le Monde & La Vie Prosperity without growth - by Tim Jackson The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism - by Max Weber The pleasures and sorrows of work - by Alain de Botton Eating Animals - by Jonathan Safran Foer The volunteers and the non-profit organization - by Dominique Thierry Barefooted Bankers - by Jean-Michel Servet A platform of Ouistreham - by Florence Aubenas Governing the Commons – The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action - by Elinor Ostrom Identity and Violence: The illusion of Destiny - by Amartya Sen Le Nord perdu - Repères pour l’après-développement / The Lost North. Landmarks for a post-development era - by Gilbert Rist, Majid Rahnema and Gustavo Esteva Franciscan Richness - by Giacomo Todeschini The Atlas of Migrants in Europe Critical geography of migration policies - by Olivier Clochard The ruling interest The History of Development – From Western Origins to Global Faith - by Gilbert Rist The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age - by Pekka Himanen Paths through Utopias, a movie-book - by John Jordan and Isabelle Fremeaux Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - by John Perkins Farewell Growth, A Good Life in a World of Solidarity Repenser l’Etat, pour une sociale démocratie de l’innovation - by Philippe Aghion et Alexandra Roulet The Future of the economy - Beyond economystification - by Jean-Pierre Dupuy Coming Home to the Pleistocene - by Paul Shepard The economics of climate change; two economists view - de Roger Guesnerie and Nicholas Stern Climate Wars - What People Will be Killed for in the 21st Century - by Harald Welzer Dead Aid - Why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa - by Dambisa Moyo Farm City – The Education of an Urban Farmer - by Novella Carpenter Mass Destruction – The Geopolitics of Hunger - by Jean Ziegler The big tipping point The social question at global scale - by J-M Severino et O. Ray To save the planet, give up capitalism - by Hervé Kempf Organic agriculture, from doing business to building society - by Philippe Baqué (ed.) The End of the West, the Birth of the World - by Hervé Kempf The human cause, a good use of the end of a world - by Patrick Viveret On the way to social innovation, interview with Hugues Sibille End of the West, birth of the World - by Hervé Kempf The Shale Gas Mirage - by Thomas Porcher Their big fear - by François Ruffin The African Era - by J-M Severino and O Ray Human development – Struggle against poverty - By Esther Duflo The Empathic Civilization - by Jeremy Rifkin The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid - Eradicating poverty through profits - by C.K. Prahalad Prosperity without Growth - Economics for a Finite Planet - by Tim Jackson Total Capitalism – by Jean Peyrelevade Crisis of capitalism and death wish - by Gilles Dostaler et Bernard Maris The Birth of Biopolitics - Lectures at the Collège de France 1978-1979 - by Michel Foucault The right to food, a driver for change - by Olivier de Schutter The crisis - The possible ways out of the crisis - by Michel Aglietta Energy Transition - The German Energiewende - by Craig Morris & Martin Pehnt Hunger Zero, ending with hunger in the world – By Bruno Parmentier Indian Growth: a review of macro-economic issues – by Christophe Cottet Crops for the future – How agroecology can feed the world – by Marie-Monique Robin Reinventing Fire – Bold Business Solutions For the New Energy Era – by Amory B. Lovins The Silent Transformations, by François Jullien

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Complementary currencies: study of the Occitan in Pézenas “Provoking (the right) titles” - by Luis de Miranda Reorientation in HEC careers Is French alternative agriculture viable in comparison with the actual main model? Les politiques de "diversité des quartiers" en entreprise The Movement of Social Entrepreneurs: a new initiative of promotion and development of social entrepreneurship in France Is the motivation at work of young executives changing? Sustainable development: a necessary utopia? The traditional Christian concept of moderation in consumption: is it still appropriate to adhere to deconsumption? Leadership and responsibility for HEC graduates Innovation Support and Public Policy: the Case of the French Medical Biotechnology Industry From hell to heaven: the imaginary of work from yesterday to nowadays. The case of highly qualified young managers Which sustainable development for little islands: the case of Reunion Island Is integration business a strategy combining the economic and social dimensions of sustainable development? Industrial ecology, a strategy combining the economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development? Social housing and energy saving in Greater Lyon Private Equity: Factor of economic development or new form of colonialism? The case of Maghreb How is it possible to follow the ideas of degrowth while living in a society advocating growth? Alleviating poverty through profits. The BoP, a new paradigm to alleviate poverty ? The shaping of economics by accounting - by Eve Chiapello Career paths of French entrepreneurs working in fair trade Measuring public hospitals' performance in France. Methodological basis, evaluation framework, meanings and perspectives French higher education towards equal opportunity? Risk generation: how ans why protest movements evolve and renew themselves? The role of the specificities and non-specificites of social and solidarity-based economy in its managerial practices "Degrowth": genealogy and circulation of a concept Why don't we all buy organic products? Sociological analysis of CSR managers Tourism, business and ethics : sustainable tourism and the French market Can agricultural producers gain a competitive advantage through Community subsidies? Eco districts : an anlysis of brakes and levers in their distribution The impact of mutualist values on forms of management control A study of three mutualist organizations (MACIF, MAIF, Les Ménages Prévoyants) Perceptions of homeless persons and social action in France and in Australia Skills-based sponsorship, a tool in the service of human resources? Arbalange, an end to the single use of objects? The arguments of the debates on German codetermination Luxury and Sustainability: Cross-fertilization Chronicle of a failure foretold: the challenge of rural areas for micro-finance, through a case study in Ecuador Private Sector Development in sub-Saharan Africa: context, modalities and stakes Impact of the diverse visions of social entrepreneurship on resources-organizations practice The Debate on the “Triple Bottom Line” What is the link between Degrowth and Work? Stakeholder relations and development at social entrepreneurial ventures The evolution of the Chinese banking system since the reform and the opening Independent publishers and the social critique Networks of Social Entrepreneurs India The 104 Adventure - Valérie Senghor Entrepreneurship after the collapse of the USSR - Study of the first small entrepreneurs in a provincial city of Russia Industry and Cooperation - by Jacques De Heere Corporate involvement for local development in disadvantaged neighbourhoods Education and rural development in Colombia The Ignorant Schoolmaster – Five lessons in intellectual emancipation. « Participando, articulando, cobrando… » : Understanding the Participatory Budget of Porto Alegre through social trajectories of its participants. FabLabs, Makerspaces: New Forms of Innovation or Libertarian Activism? Working for social business after HEC - with Laurence Grandcolas-Lamoureux Different ways of fighting excess food Food rescue, dumpster-diving and freeganism: market vs. dumpsters Protecting the public interest in a technological society The “Terre de Liens” property company Al Amana, critical analysis of a Moroccan microfinance initiative The Rhetoric of Reaction: Perversity, Futility, Jeopardy - by Albert O. Hirschman Waste Uncovering the Global Food Scandal - by Tristram Stuart The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism - by Max Weber Agroecology, an escape route out of food insecurity? Research initiatives in Bolivia in the region of inter-Andean valleys (Cochabamba) Conditions for the sustainability of cultural brownfields – Study of the functioning of the Brussels Art Factory Is it possible to identify a Social Doctrine of the Protestant Church? Theological, historical and sociological approach Community-organizing in the US – Non-profits for hire? Williamsburg, history of a musical cluster - The gentrification of the Brooklyn neighbourhood through the rise and fall of an alternative music scene Energy self-sufficiency with renewable energies - Developing the use of biomass with short supply chains: the case of rapeseed oil. The impacts of economy’s financialization on corporate governance, executive management and human relationships in French small and middle-sized companies The relationship between the board and the executive team in major French associations Heeled-shoes in consulting firms: instrument of power or alienation for female consultants? How do consumers perceive cause-related marketing initiatives? Using projective techniques The historical construction of the employing of idlers Carbon offset operators in France: How to categorize them The Army and the social and professional insertion of young people What arts brings to management A focus on artistic interventions in companies The benefits of deliberative democracy – The five estates Economic and Environmental Interest Groups in the new French Law on Agriculture’s Future: a change of course to prepare the rise of sustainable agriculture The role of assisted resilience in the access to the labour market for young people from deprived areas Access to Health Care for African Migrants in Israel - Study of Cooperation between the two main actors of the field: the PHR-Israel clinic and the Public Health Clinic Adam Smith, l’économiste malgré lui Development of micro-insurance in Argentina, Peru and Colombia The Resort to Belgium of French people with Autism Challenges and issues in partnerships between public donors and foundations to support social business development in Southern countries Aboriginal entrepreneurship in Quebec: the place and role of traditional knowledge in contemporary economic models Emergence and consolidation of a norm to define forests : the HCS methodology French foundations and their use of social impact measurement Anti-handbook of management - The importance of non-work at work - An Analysis of the TV Series The Office The smart-shrinkage of Detroit: between real alternative development and adjustment of traditional economic and urban policies Is car sharing a viable alternative to personal car ownership?

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Work and qualified workers in France in 2050 Virtual Communities and Information Management in 2025 The “Bottom of the Pyramid” market for retail banking and insurance in France in 2050 Deconsumption in France on the 2050 horizon Conférence le 6 juin. Vivre ou survivre après la société de consommation : 4 scénarios de prospective à l'horizon 2050 en courts métrages Water in Mexico city Solar Energy in Africa in 2020 : four scenarios for the African Development Bank Scenario “Population ageing and immigration” The future of ski resorts in 2040 for the French National Association of Mountain City Halls Fab Labs Bicyclaide Better World Books Biocomp Népal Leaf Supply La Ruche qui dit oui ! Les Jardins de Cocagne The Collectif de Kerfléau (Morbihan, France) Kokopelli Spices - Roellinger Transition Town Totnes The Tent of the Gleanors La Casa del Encuentro Ecotact Company and its Ikotoilets « L’Atelier en Commun » - Shared studio space for all types of artists Agoraé