Presentation of AMOWelcome to the Alternative Management Observatory!

The Alternative Management Observatory welcomes students, researchers, and all people working in the economic area who believe that alternatives exist out of the mainstream. By providing places to exchange and think, we wish to encourage and be part of the renewal of management practices for a better consideration of the human and social dimensions in the work environment.

Within the framework of the french Grande Ecole HEC Paris, the Alternative Management Observatory brings together different institutions and disciplines that will give rise to various forms of management. All ideas bringing a positive change and all alternative economic practices are genuinely welcomed by the Observatory, some of these practices being as ancient as they are little-known. AMO also aims at exploring our utopian desires and expectations.

What is the relationship between the players of the economic sphere and society? What is the nature of the relations between people within the economic sphere? Is it possible to create and implement new ways of organizing the economy?

Such are the questions we intend to answer.


The website presents the Observatory’s publications according to four spotlights:

Historical: range of criticisms made to the economic sphere and series of solutions proposed through history

Geopolitical: organization and practices in management according to specific political and geographical contexts

Socioeconomic: new ways of managing using the economy to achieve social and ethical purposes

Exploratory: what future for society and its actors?


AMO’s publications are divided up as follows:

Research papers: articles and dissertations written by researchers and students

Articles: short articles tackling various subjects. Most of the time, they present the author’s point of view on a specific subject

Book reviews: minutes of books criticizing firms and the economic world

Scenarios: a critical look on current policies within companies and confrontation with future ones

Minutes: minutes of contributors’ speeches on alternative management and related matters

Essays: noteworthy pieces of writing on particular themes

Projects: source of basic information and readings to become acquainted with a subject

Part of the texts that we propose is the work of students from the Alternative Management Major. Find out more on


You have now all information you need to enter the world of the Alternative Management Observatory and explore its many possibilities.

Have a nice visit!

The Alternative Management Observatory team

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