Building Social Media Intelligence, May 19th 2014

HEC Paris and Labex ECODEC are happy to announce a one-day workshop on Building Social Media Intelligence, by David Schweidel (Emory University).

David is one of the worldwide experts in social media, marketing intelligence and customer analytics, and author of Social Media Intelligence (with Wendy Moe). The high relevance of the topic for day-to-day business operations, combined by his years of teaching and research experience in this area, makes this event unique. You will have the opportunity to learn how organizations can move beyond the current practice of monitoring social media, but also to interact with David and the other participants throughout the day. On Tuesday May 20, David will give a regular research seminar at HEC Paris and is available for individual meetings.

This workshop is targeted to quantitative students (Ph.D., MBA, Grand Ecole, Master) with solid analytical skills and strong interest in social media and digital analytics, as well as all interested faculty.

Workshop abstract:

In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Yelp, water-cooler conversations with co-workers and backyard small talk with neighbors have moved from the physical world to the digital arena. In this new landscape, organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to political campaigns continuously monitor online opinions in an effort to guide their actions.  Are consumers satisfied with our product?  How are our policies perceived? Do voters agree with our platform?

But measuring online opinion is more complex than just reading a few posted reviews.  Social media is replete with its share of noise and chatter that can contaminate monitoring efforts. But by knowing what shapes online opinions, we can better uncover the valuable insights hidden in the social media chatter – insights that can inform our organization’s strategy.

In this workshop, we discuss how organizations can move beyond the current practice of social media monitoring to develop social media intelligence that can drive marketing decisions.



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